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  • Loose hemp or jute fiber that's impregnated with tar or pitch and used to caulk large seams or for packing plumbing pipe joints Read More
  • The percentage of total apartment units that are occupied. Read More
  • References how a property owner intends to make use the residence, as recorded by the lender and adjusted based on relative and associated(...) Read More
  • An off-market property is one that has been sold or is in the process of being sold without any public knowledge or advertisement. Off-market(...) Read More
  • A formal bid from the home buyer to the home seller to purchase a home. Read More
  • The distance from the center of one regularly spaced framing member to the center of the next. Read More
  • Tankless water heaters that use high-powered burners to heat water and are usually fueled by electricity or gas. Read More
  • Property that is available to buy Read More
  • A style of toilet, usually glass or china, where the bowl and tank are manufactured together as one fixture. Read More
  • An arrangement where at least two rooms that ordinarily have separate but related functions are conjoined. Most often, open floor plans involve(...) Read More
  • A type of toilet seat rim, usually used in commercial environments. An open-front toilet seat has a space, at least 2-3 inches wide, in the(...) Read More
  • When an engineer (or municipal inspector) inspects the open excavation and examines the earth to determine the type of foundation (caisson,(...) Read More
  • When the seller’s real estate agent opens the seller’s house to the public and neither an appointment or accompanying real estate agent is(...) Read More
  • The first bid of an auction, which is set by the foreclosing lender. This opening bid is usually equal to the outstanding loan balance, interest(...) Read More
  • A financial plan predicting the property’s income that is balanced by various expenses over a period of one year. Read More
  • Periodic expenses necessary to the operation and maintenance of an enterprise (e.g., taxes, salaries, insurance, maintenance). Often used as a(...) Read More
  • In title industry terms, referred to as title opinion. The conclusion and judgment of a skilled person as to the status of a title, based upon a(...) Read More
  • Oriented strand board is a type of engineered wood that is produced by combining adhesive and compressed layers of wood strands in a specific(...) Read More
  • A wood product such as a truss, beam, gluelam, microlam or joist which is manufactured out of smaller wood pieces and glued or mechanically(...) Read More
  • A manufactured wood panel made out of 1"to 2" wood chips and glue. Often used as a substitute for plywood in the exterior wall and roof sheathing. Read More
  • The total amount of principal owed on a mortgage before any payments are made. Read More
  • A fee paid to a lender or broker to cover the administrative costs of processing a loan application. The origination fee typically is stated in(...) Read More
  • A property owner that lives in a different state then the property. Some people find the Return on Investment (ROI) to be better out-of-state,(...) Read More
  • An extension of a rafter beyond the wall line. Usually a smaller member nailed to a larger rafter to form a cornice or roof overhang. Read More
  • The point at which two walls form an external angle, one you usually can walk around. Read More
  • An oven cabinet is designed to hold a built-in oven when a kitchen is designed for a separate oven and cooktop, rather than a range. Oven(...) Read More
  • Profits remaining after subtracting for operating expenses, taxes, interest and insurance. Read More
  • Consumer safeguard that limits the amount the interest rate on an adjustable rate mortgage loan (ARM) can change over the life of the loan. Read More
  • Outward projecting eave-soffit area of a roof; the part of the roof that hangs out or over the outside wall. Read More
  • A transaction in which the property seller provides all or part of the financing for the buyer’s purchase of the property. Read More
  • An agreement in which the seller of a property provides financing to the buyer for the home purchase. Read More
  • A property that serves as the borrower’s principal residence and occupied by the borrower for the majority of the calendar year. At least one(...) Read More
  • Owner-provided financing. The seller acts like the bank, holding the note and collecting payments. Read More
  • Similar to Title Insurance, but for homeowners. A policy protecting a homeowner’s investment in a property for as long as they or their heirs(...) Read More

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