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  • A manufactured wood panel made out of 1" - 2" wood chips and glue. Often used as a substitute for plywood in the exterior wall and roof sheathing. Read More
  • Decorative wood paneling that only covers the lower half of a wall. Read More
  • The voluntary and intentional relinquishment of a known right, claim or privilege. Read More
  • Closet spaces that are larger than a standard closet. They allow a person to enter the space and hold enough room for two people to share. Read More
  • A shower that is level with the floor and has no steps, so it can be walked directly into; it does not have an attached bathing tub. Read More
  • A final walkthrough of the property is standard practice to ensure that any repairs or amends the seller agreed to have been made. The buyer(...) Read More
  • A wall cabinet is sometimes called an overhead cabinet. Wall cabinets are typically hung on the wall above a base cabinet and do not have a(...) Read More
  • Process of spray painting the interior of a home. Read More
  • A vertical wood framing member, also referred to as a wall stud, attached to the horizontal sole plate below and the top plate above. Normally 2(...) Read More
  • Any distortion in a material. Read More
  • A contract that protects any work performed on a home from defects, and typically provide a free replacement within a specific time frame. Read More
  • A deed containing one or more title covenants. (See Title Covenants.) Read More
  • Plumbing plastic pipe that carries waste water to the municipal sewage system. Read More
  • A type of paint that uses water to combine the pigments and binders and is mainly for interior walls. Read More
  • Water resistant drywall to be used in tub and shower locations. Normally green or blue colored Read More
  • A room that has only a toilet. Read More
  • The pipe that brings water from the main city source to the home. Read More
  • The box /cast iron bonnet and concrete rings that contains the water meter. Read More
  • A liquid applied to wood to give the wood water repellant properties Read More
  • Toilets designed to use a minimum of 1.6 gallons of water per flush and a maximum of 3.5 gallons per flush. Read More
  • The location of the underground water, and the vertical distance from the surface of the earth to this underground water. Read More
  • The connection point where the home water line connects to the main municipal water system. Read More
  • Applying a type of material or sealant to a home's exterior that provides protection from water infiltration. Read More
  • The measure of the electrical requirement of an appliance or fixture. Wattage is calculated by multiplying voltage by amperage. Read More
  • The process of sealing openings or cracks around windows and doors with metal, wood or plastic materials to prevent excess air flow. Read More
  • The act of protecting a home from various kinds of weather, by adding insulation, storm windows, caulking, and other additions to provide(...) Read More
  • Webbing is made up of several truss members that connect the top and bottom chords filling the truss structure. Read More
  • Small holes in storm window frames that allow moisture to escape. Read More
  • A small bar, usually in a home or hotel room, that has a sink with running water. Read More
  • A bathroom with no barrier between the shower and the rest of the bathroom. Read More
  • A wall framed to enclose the building’s main drain/vent stack, water lines, and DWV lines. Read More
  • A type of ventilation system that is used to distribute air throughout an entire home by pumping in cool air from the house into the attic to(...) Read More
  • A lender who purchases mortgages that a mortgage broker or correspondent completely or partially originated, versus working directly with consumers. Read More
  • The stationary part of a window unit; window sash fits into the window frame. Read More
  • The operating or movable part of a window; the sash is made of window panes and their border. Read More
  • The bottom horizontal trim member at the base of a window projecting outward. Read More
  • A plastic device used to connect bare wires together. Read More
  • A panel made out of concrete and fiberglass usually used as a ceramic tile backing material. Read More
  • Attempt to resolve a problematic situation, such as a bad loan. Read More
  • Areas that get complete drywall covering, as in the doorway openings of bifold and bipass closet doors. Read More

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