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At LYNK Capital, we interact with a wide range of property investors at all experience levels – from those bidding on their first fix and flip project to experienced builders who are building several hundred properties per year. We also hear from lots of people who want to build wealth by investing in real estate, but don’t know quite where to start. For this reason, and because we firmly believe that investing in real estate can be a great strategy for individuals to accumulate wealth, we’ve written this series of articles to help investors of all experience levels begin, build, or grow their real estate investing business.

Fix & Flip Academy

Fix and Flip Academy – Part 1

As you start your fix and flip business, you’ll need to identify a network of one or more real estate agents who can help you locate properties, determine prices, and submit paperwork on your behalf. Finding the right agent is an important step.

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Fix & Flip Academy

Fix and Flip Academy – Part 2

When setting up your fix and flip business, you need to make some decisions regarding legal structures and how you will take ownership of the properties you buy. Will you own them in your own name, in a corporation, in an LLC, etc.?

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Fix & Flip Academy

Fix and Flip Academy – Part 3

All real estate investments begin with submitting an offer to the seller, and your fix and flip investment is no different. In some ways, this may be the most daunting part of the process, as you’ll likely need to submit offers on a great number of properties before one is accepted.

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Fix & Flip Academy

Fix and Flip Academy – Part 4

Researching the characteristics of a property’s community or neighborhood is an important step in your decision to purchase a fix and flip project, or any real estate investment. This research will include reviewing data from online sources and a site visit to the property.

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Fix & Flip Academy

Fix and Flip Academy – Part 5

When choosing your fix and flip project, you must give significant thought to the level of work you’re comfortable handling. When first starting out, be careful not to get in over your head.

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Fix & Flip Academy

Fix and Flip Academy – Part 6

Selecting the right contractor is one of the most important steps when beginning any fix and flip project. Unless your project requires only minor cosmetic work, you’ll need a contractor to help you complete the job – and hiring the wrong contractor can turn a great project into a financial disaster.

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Fix & Flip Academy

Fix and Flip Academy – Part 7

Just like your primary residence, you should carry hazard insurance on every investment property you own. This insurance protects you against catastrophic events such as fire, as well as certain other losses such as theft or vandalism.

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Fix & Flip Academy

Fix and Flip Academy – Part 8

Here are definitions of some important terms that may be used by your hard money lender.

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