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  • An abbreviation for air conditioner or air conditioning. Also an abbreviation for Alternating Current, an electric current which periodically(...) Read More
  • The outside fan unit of the Air Conditioning system. It removes the heat from the freon gas and converts the gas back into a liquid and pumps(...) Read More
  • The main electrical ON-OFF switch near the A/C Condenser. Read More
  • The surrender or relinquishment of a real estate property, including a piece of land or a housing unit. Read More
  • An official reduction, allowance or rebate. An abatement pro rata is a proportionate reduction of the amount of each of a number of debts or(...) Read More
  • The financial capacity to make good on a debt. The requirement that mortgage originators substantiate that potential borrowers can afford the(...) Read More
  • An individual or corporation that legally owns a particular property without occupying it or actively managing it. This does not always mean the(...) Read More
  • The proportion of newly completed units that are or have been leased, usually over a given period (such as 3 months). Read More
  • The net change in the total number of apartment homes leased. Read More
  • A document summarizing activity associated with the title of a property. In chronological order, begins with when the property was first(...) Read More
  • The person or company engaged in making abstracts. Read More
  • The process of making and compiling an abstract. Read More
  • A provision of a mortgage or note which provides that the entire outstanding balance will become due and payable in the event of default. Read More
  • The right of ingress to and egress from a property that abuts upon an existing street or highway. Details will be shown on Certificates of Title(...) Read More
  • The degree to which a certain building or site allows access to persons with disabilities. Read More
  • It is used to designate any additional legal residence that is incorporated into a single-family home. Read More
  • A type of real estate investor that is allowed to invest in riskier investments. The most common qualifications are having a $1M net worth or(...) Read More
  • Interest earned but not yet paid. Read More
  • The asset’s depreciation from the acquisition phase to the latest depreciation results in dollar amount. Read More
  • The total cost of acquiring an asset. This may include stamp duty, legal fees, building report, valuation fees, survey fees and any other due(...) Read More
  • A type of paint with high pigment levels and good color retention. Acrylic paint is made up of a synthetic resin and is similar to latex. It is(...) Read More
  • An active status means the property is currently available for sale. Read More
  • Active contingent is a status provided to a property listing when the seller has accepted an offer from a buyer, given that certain(...) Read More
  • A method that requires extensive effort and time from the investor who is directly involved in the investment. An active investor will typically(...) Read More
  • The price which property will realize on the open market, after all reasonable efforts have been made to secure a purchaser who will pay the(...) Read More
  • The exact measurement of a piece of lumber. For instance, a 2X4 is actually 1 ½-inches thick and 3 ½-inches wide. Read More
  • Literally means "in proportion to value". A tax duty or fee applied at the proportional rate. The total amount payable thus varies with the(...) Read More
  • Refers to meeting accessible Design Standards imposed by the ADA (Americans with Disability Act, the federal legislation that mandates goods,(...) Read More
  • A fitting used to join pipes and other plumbing components. Read More
  • An addendum is an additional document that can modify an original lease or purchase agreement. Read More
  • An addition includes either new rooms or square footage that is added to a home. Read More
  • Mortgage for which the interest rate adjusts periodically up or down through a set index. The initial interest rate usually is lower than that(...) Read More
  • Most wall cabinets over 12 or 15 inches in height have shelves that can be adjusted to various heights depending on what you plan to place in(...) Read More
  • The original cost of a property plus the cost of any improvements less depreciation. Read More
  • Gross income of a building if fully rented, less an allowance for estimated vacancies. Read More
  • Denotes the length of time between changes in the interest rate for an adjustable-rate mortgage. Typical adjustment intervals are six months and(...) Read More
  • The unauthorized occupation of land belonging to another, by a person who does not have the consent of the owner. Said occupier is said to hold(...) Read More
  • The round screened screw-on tip of a sink spout. It mixes water and air for a smooth flow. Read More
  • The value of real estate having regard to the effect of blight or damage to the real estate for whatever reason and normally due to planning(...) Read More
  • Housing governed by a federal or state agency with an aim to help people and control their rent when they meet certain criteria. Read More

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