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  • The end, upper, triangular area of a home, beneath the roof. Read More
  • A pitched roof terminating in a gable at one or both ends. Read More
  • A measure that describes the water consumption for toilets. Read More
  • An outer covering of zinc that protects against rusting. Read More
  • A gable roof where two roof pitches are used on either side of the triangular shape. The upper section toward the ridge is generally not as(...) Read More
  • A steel plate attached to both sides at each joint of a truss. Sometimes called a fishplate or gussett. Read More
  • Apartment buildings typically no more than four stories high, with multiple apartments per story, and landscaped grounds surrounding them. Each(...) Read More
  • The trench or area in the yard where the gas line service is located, or the work of installing the gas service to a home. Read More
  • A valve that lets you completely stop-but not modulate-the flow within a pipe. Read More
  • A valve that lets you adjust the flow of water to any rate between fully on and fully off. Read More
  • Primary contractor responsible for the oversight of a construction site, management of vendors, subcontractors and trades, and the communication(...) Read More
  • A co-owned business, with more than one owner, that has not filed papers to become a corporation or LLC. Even if you haven’t filed papers, there(...) Read More
  • A warranty provision in a deed or mortgage or other real estate instrument containing all of the common law items of warranty. Read More
  • A machine which converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. Read More
  • A letter that a family member writes verifying that s/he has given you a certain amount of money as a gift and that you don’t have to repay it.(...) Read More
  • Commonly used to refer to the Government National Mortgage Association, a government-owned corporation within the U.S. Department of Housing and(...) Read More
  • A large or principal beam of wood or steel used to support concentrated loads at isolated points along its length. Read More
  • A truss that supports other trusses that are perpendicular to it. Read More
  • The process of installing glass, which commonly is secured with glazier's points and glazing compound. Read More
  • A valve that lets you adjust the flow of water to any rate between fully on and fully off. Read More
  • Describes the finish, or shine, of paint. There are several levels of gloss, including flat, velvet, eggshell, low luster, semi-gloss, and high(...) Read More
  • A finishing paint material. Forms a hard coating with maximum smoothness of surface and dries to a sheen or luster (gloss) Read More
  • Or "Glulam". A structural beam composed of wood laminations or lams. The lams are pressure bonded with adhesives to attain a typical thickness(...) Read More
  • Monetary deposit typically made by the homebuyer when they enter into a contract with the seller. The deposit usually will not be refunded to(...) Read More
  • Written estimate of the settlement costs the borrower will likely have to pay at closing. Under the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act(...) Read More
  • A mortgage loan that is insured or guaranteed by a federal government entity such as the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), the U.S.(...) Read More
  • Commonly refderred to as Ginnie Mae, a government-owned corporation within the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) that(...) Read More
  • Period of time during which a loan payment may be made after its due date without incurring a late penalty. The grace period is specified as(...) Read More
  • Grade refers to the level of the ground. A basement is usually considered below grade. Read More
  • A foundation wall that is poured @ level with or just below the grade of theearth. An example is the area where the 8' or 16' overhead garage(...) Read More
  • A fixed-rate, fixed-schedule loan. It starts with lower payments than a level payment loan; payments rise annually, with the entire increase(...) Read More
  • The direction, size, arrangement, appearance, or quality of the fibers in wood. Read More
  • To create the appearance of wood grain on a surface through specialized painting techniques, staining, or specially prepared paint colors. Read More
  • A building designed to reduce or eliminate negative impacts on our climate and environment. Read More
  • The completed assembly of main and cross tees in a suspended ceiling system before the ceiling panels are installed. Also the decorative slats(...) Read More
  • A measurable floor area that is usable. Read More
  • Total income, before deducting taxes and expenses. The scheduled (total) income, either actual or estimated, derived from a business or property. Read More
  • The income you earn in a month before taxes and other deductions. It also may include rental income, self-employed income, income from alimony,(...) Read More
  • Gross Operating Income is the actual amount of rental income an investor receives to service or operate the property, minus vacancy and credit(...) Read More
  • The amount of rent that an owner would collect if all apartments were occupied and all residents were paying the market rent. Read More

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