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  • The metal latch plate in a door frame into which a doorknob plunger latches. Read More
  • A plastic or porcelain light fixture that operates by a pull string. Generally found in the basement, crawl space , and attic areas. Read More
  • A slot formed and poured on a footer or in a foundation wall when another wall will be installed at the slot location. This gives additional(...) Read More
  • One thousand watts. A kilowatt hour is the base unit used in measuring electrical consumption. Read More
  • A volumetric unit of measurement for electricity that is equivalent to a power consumption of 1,000 watts of electricity for one hour, which is(...) Read More
  • The studs located on both ends of a header that lend support, and run from the wall’s sole plate to its top plate. Read More
  • The food preparation and work surface that is placed on top of your kitchen base cabinets is called the countertop. There are almost countless(...) Read More
  • A person who specializes in kitchen and bath design is often called a kitchen designer. He/she may have a background in interior design or(...) Read More
  • A kitchen island is a stand-alone arrangement of base cabinets that is separate from the room's perimeter cabinets. They provide additional work(...) Read More
  • A small kitchen area, such as in hotels or studio apartments, usually consisting of a mini fridge, hotplate or microwave, small sink, and some(...) Read More
  • A short wall on an upper floor that is not regular height because a roof plane extends through its surface at a lower point. A knee wall is(...) Read More
  • A wiring method for homes, popular in the United States from 1880-1940, that uses single-insulated wire supported by knobs that runs through(...) Read More
  • A knot is a part of a tree limb or branch that is sometimes visible on the surface of a plank of wood. Read More

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