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  • A measurement of how well an insulating material can resist a flow of heat, with the higher the R-Value, the greater the effectiveness of the(...) Read More
  • A rectangular longitudinal groove cut in the corner edge of a board or plank. Read More
  • A heating system using tubes or electric wires installed underneath the flooring. Read More
  • Heat systems that deliver heat to the floor or panels in the ceiling or walls of a house to supply instant warmth, and can save energy. Read More
  • Energy transmitted from a heat source to the air around it. Radiators actually depend more on convection than radiation. Read More
  • A toxic gas found in the soil beneath a house that can contribute to cancer and other illnesses. Read More
  • A ventilation system beneath the floor of a basement and/or structural wood floor and designed to fan exhaust radon gas to the outside of the home Read More
  • One of multiple wooden beams installed horizontally to support the weight of a roof. Read More
  • A rafter that forms the intersection of an external roof angle. Read More
  • A rafter that forms the intersection of an internal roof angle. The valley rafter is normally made of double 2-inch-thick members. Read More
  • Framing members that run parallel and support the roof. Read More
  • Cross members of panel doors or of a sash. Also, a wall or open balustrade placed at the edge of a staircase, walkway bridge, or elevated(...) Read More
  • Black, tar and preservative impregnated, 6" X 8" and 6'-8' long wooden timber that was used to hold railroad track in place. Normally used as a(...) Read More
  • Slope or slanted. Read More
  • The vertical face of the sloping end of a roof eave. Read More
  • The practice of installing lap siding diagonally Read More
  • A single story, one level home. Read More
  • The limit on the amount an interest rate on an adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) can increase or decrease during an adjustment period. Read More
  • A commitment by a lender guaranteeing a specified interest rate for a specified period of time. It protects a borrower against rate increases(...) Read More
  • A rate-and-term refinance changes the interest rate, the term – or both the rate and the term – of an existing mortgage without advancing any(...) Read More
  • A contract that shows both buyer and the seller of the house have agreed to an offer. This offer may include sales contingencies, such as(...) Read More
  • Agency are responsible for rating corporations and their debt issuances. It allows investors to determine how risky a corporation and its debt(...) Read More
  • Concrete mixed at a plant or in trucks en route to a job and delivered ready for placement. Read More
  • Land and anything permanently affixed thereto – including buildings, fences, trees, and minerals. Read More
  • A qualified agent who leases and sells real estate properties. Read More
  • An effective method of selling real estate for either non-distressed properties (where an owner is looking to sell and profit from equity in the(...) Read More
  • Someone who continues his or her education past the real estate agent level and successfully passes a state real estate license exam. A broker(...) Read More
  • A process reflecting the cycles of real estate market, including the recovery, expansion, hyper supply, and recession. The real estate market(...) Read More
  • REI stands for Real Estate Investing. REI involves the purchase, ownership, management, rental and/or sale of real estate for profit.(...) Read More
  • Pooled funds that purchase and hold real estate. Read More
  • Homes that banks or lenders have foreclosed on are real estate owned (REO), or bank-owned. In these situations, the banks or lenders own and can(...) Read More
  • An individual who provides services in buying and selling homes. The real estate professional is paid a percentage of the home sale price by the(...) Read More
  • A federal law that requires lenders to provide home mortgage borrowers with information about transaction-related costs prior to settlement, as(...) Read More
  • The real financing cost is a consumer-oriented rate that takes into account specific costs, fees, potential rate changes and the projected loan term Read More
  • Land and anything permanently affixed thereto – including buildings, fences, trees, and minerals. Read More
  • A copyrighted trade name that can be legally used only by those belonging to the National Association of Realtors. Read More
  • Steel reinforcing rod set in concrete that supports the foundation, footers, and walls. Read More
  • An electrical outlet. A typical household will have many 120 volt receptacles for plugging in lams and appliances and 240 volt receptacles for(...) Read More
  • A recessed panel door has a raised outer edge and the center panel sits back on a different or "recessed" plane. The recessed panel is often(...) Read More
  • Materials from a deconstructed building that are recycled for reuse for a new project. Read More

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