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  • The part of the drainage system between the home’s sewer drain and fixture drains. Read More
  • A valve that turns off the main water supply coming into the house, which is typically located in basements, on the exterior of the house, or(...) Read More
  • An umbrella term for regular activities that keep the property in good condition. Read More
  • The obligation of a lessee at the end of their occupation to ensure that premises are returned to the same condition as at the commencement of(...) Read More
  • The Management Fee is an operating expense paid to the operator to cover costs of managing the property operations, like annual accounting,(...) Read More
  • A roof with floor sloping sides, each of which has a steeper slope on the bottom half than on the top half. Read More
  • A decorative shelf above a fireplace. Read More
  • A factory assembled residence built in units or sections that are transported to a site. Homes that are permanently affixed to a foundation(...) Read More
  • A wood product such as a truss, beam, gluelam, microlam or joist which is manufactured out of smaller wood pieces and glued or mechanically(...) Read More
  • The written installation and/or maintenance instructions which are developed by the manufacturer of a product and which may have to be followed(...) Read More
  • A material composed of limestone that is typically used for countertops and tile. Read More
  • A percentage added to the index for an adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) to establish the interest rate on each adjustment date. Read More
  • The price for a real estate transaction that depends on the seller’s expected price and the buyer’s inclination to pay. Read More
  • An average between the highest price that a buyer, willing but not compelled to buy, would pay and the lowest price a seller, willing, but not(...) Read More
  • A title that a court of equity considers to be so free of material defects and liens that it will force the title’s acceptance by questioning(...) Read More
  • A modern brand-named type of linoleum flooring from Forbo-Nairn that is LEED certified due to its being hypoallergenic and composed of(...) Read More
  • Brick, stone, and other building materials that are bound together by mortar. Read More
  • The largest bedroom in a home that typically contains a sitting area and an en-suite bathroom. Read More
  • A pasty material used as a cement (as for setting tile) or a protective coating (as for thermal insulation or waterproofing) Read More
  • A list of materials required to complete a new construction or renovation project. Read More
  • The termination period of a note (e.g., a 30-year mortgage has maturity of 30 years). Read More
  • The floor area under ceilings 5 ft. and higher, or furred ceilings 7 1/2 ft. and higher. Read More
  • The systems inside the walls and ceilings such as electrical, plumbing, and HVAC that essentially power the home. Read More
  • A lien on real estate, created by operation of law, which secures the payment of debts due to persons who perform labor or services or furnish(...) Read More
  • An engineered wood product that is composed of broken down hard and softwood and combined with wax and a resin binder. It is typically used for(...) Read More
  • For any geographic area, the household income for which half of households in that area have more income and half have less. Read More
  • A thin layer of material typically made of synthetic rubber that forms a barrier to prevent water penetration. Read More
  • A title that a court of equity considers to be so free of material defects and liens that it will force the title’s acceptance by questioning(...) Read More
  • A credit report issued by a credit reporting company that combines information from two or three major credit bureaus. Read More
  • Sheets of metal that are slit to form openings within the lath. Used as a plaster base for walls and ceilings and as reinforcing over other(...) Read More
  • Describing boundaries by using courses, directions, distances and monuments. Read More
  • A loan often used by developers to secure supplementary financing for development projects. These loans are often secured by a lien subordinate(...) Read More
  • A manufactured structural wood beam. It is constructed of pressure and adhesive bonded wood strands of wood. They have a higher strength rating(...) Read More
  • A design from the 1930s to the 1960s that was characterized by clean, organic forms, and lack of embellishment. Read More
  • Plastic, transparent copies of a blueprint. Read More
  • Any wood-mill produced materials that typically include molding, doors, and trim. Read More
  • Heating and cooling system that allows for controlled heat and cooling in each room. Read More
  • Short-term permanent financing, usually 3 to 5 years. Read More
  • A joint formed by beveling the edges or ends of two pieces of material, fitted together at an angle. Read More
  • A perpendicular joint that is made by cutting two pieces of material are cut and joining them at a 45-degree angle. Read More

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