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  • A federal government agency that provides benefits to veterans and their dependents, including health care, educational assistance, financial(...) Read More
  • The measurement of how much heat is being transmitted through a wall or window; a lower U-value means a more energy-efficient window. Read More
  • Lights that mount on the underside of wall cabinets to illuminate the countertop are referred to as under-cabinet lights. The fixtures can be(...) Read More
  • When a seller accepts an offer on their home, the home goes under contract, meaning the sale is not guaranteed until all the contingencies are met. Read More
  • A layer of paint applied before the topcoat. Read More
  • A material placed between the under flooring and finished flooring that creates protects a smooth and even surface. Read More
  • An insurance company that issues insurance policies either to the public or to another insurer. Read More
  • The process used to determine loan approval. It involves evaluating the property and the borrower’s credit and ability to pay the mortgage. Read More
  • Property free and clear of mortgages, restrictive covenants, leases, and assessments of any kind. Read More
  • The Single Family Uniform Appraisal Dataset (UAD) from Fannie Mae establishes a standardized property condition and quality rating guidelines(...) Read More
  • An appraisal report used for conventional loans for a single-family property completed by a licensed or certified real estate appraiser. Read More
  • The standard loan application used by all residential lenders. Read More
  • A plumbing fitting that joins pipes end-to-end so they can be dismantled. Read More
  • A design of buildings and environments that makes them accessible to all people regardless of age, ability, and other factors. Read More
  • An unplasticized version of PVC; made from polymere. It was once referred to as uPVC (for unplasticized PVC); the term was changed to PVC-U in(...) Read More
  • A loan that is not backed by collateral. Read More
  • A type of paint composed of a mixture of pigment and polyurethanes, which holds the pigment molecules together and gives a glossy finish when dry. Read More
  • Interest charged in excess of the legal rate established by law. Read More
  • The services provided for people residing in a property, which may or may not be included in a rental or lease agreement (such as electricity,(...) Read More
  • The area of the earth that has electric, gas, or telephone lines. These areas may be owned by the homeowner, but the utility company has the(...) Read More
  • A legal claim against the property for unpaid utilities. Read More

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