Mid-term rental loans for residential properties.

Build Your Rental Portfolio

Build wealth by building your portfolio of income-producing rental properties. Mid-term loans are a great fit for borrowers needing to bridge the gap to long-term financing. We can offer solutions for one property or your entire rental portfolio.

Maximize your Returns

Borrow up to 75% of your property value with a 1.25% rental coverage ratio. No personal DSCR or DTI calculations are required.

Simplify your Process

Finishing a rehab and want to retain the property? If you financed your rehab with LYNK, we can simplify your transition to a rental loan - saving you time and money.

Borrow with Confidence

As a direct lender specializing in construction, renovation, and rental property loans, we’ll give you confidence that you’ve found a strong partner to help you meet your real estate investment goals.

Make More Money

Rental rates from 6.99% for the best deals.
3-year or 5-year interest only terms.

Move Faster

Get pre-approved in minutes with our online application

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Rental Property Loans We've Done

Rental Property

$1,728,000 Loan

2 Units - Average Rent $8,000/unit

Rental Property Loan
Washington, DC

The borrower used the rental property loan to refinance an existing bridge loan on this leased 2-unit property in the Capitol Hill neighborhood. The borrower realized a monthly savings by paying off the high-rate bridge loan and intends to hold the property as an investment.

Rental Property

$103,200 Loan

Rented - $1,280/month

Rental Property Loan
Baltimore, MD

The borrower used the loan to refinance an existing bridge loan on this leased investment property that the borrower has owned for several years. The borrower's existing bridge loan was maturity and the new loan will give the borrower additional time to secure long-term bank financing.

Rental Property

$362,600 Loan

Rented - $2,900/month

Rental Property Loan
Mansfield, GA

The borrower used the loan to purchase a single-family residence to be used as a rental investment property. The borrower is building a portfolio of investment properties to provide income in the coming years.

Our Fix & Flip Lending Experts are Here to Help

Thinking about a new fix and flip project? Ready to get an approval? We want to make your life easier with our flexible process and knowledgeable staff. Get started with our online pre-approval and you’ll be one step closer to a fast closing.

LYNK Capital is a fast-growing private lender offering residential fix and flip loans, construction loans, rental property loans, and hard money loans. LYNK Capital is a direct lender that provides lending solutions for real estate investors, contractors, builders, and developers.

Rental Property Loans for Real Estate Investors

Attractive financing options for single-family rental properties. Turn your fix and flip property into an attractive real estate investment with a rental property loan from LYNK Capital.

Get started with a hard money loan for your construction project today with our online pre-approval.

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