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Fix & Flip

250,000 Loan



Single-Family Rehab Loan
Baltimore, MD

The borrower used the fix and flip loan to update and expand a 90-year old house in Baltimore, MD. The extensive renovation involved adding a new second floor to add additional space.

Single-Family Construction

$575,000 Loan



Single-Family Construction
Charlotte, NC

The borrower used the construction loan to build a new 6-bedroom house in Charlotte. The borrower was an experienced local builder and has since closed two more loans with LYNK Capital.

Multi-Property Construction

$7,500,000 Loan



Multi-Property Construction
Orlando, FL

The borrower used the construction loan to build an 80-unit townhome development near Walt Disney World. LYNK Capital funded vertical construction for the entire project, and has closed three other large projects with the builder.

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LYNK Capital is a fast-growing private lender offering residential fix and flip loans, construction loans, rental loans, and hard money loans. LYNK Capital is a direct lender that provides lending solutions for real estate investors, contractors, builders, and developers.

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Fix and Flip loans for real estate investors. Borrow up to 100% of rehab and renovation costs.

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Rehab loans and renovation loans for real estate investors. Get a rate quote today.

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