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  • A borrower’s contribution to the down payment for the purchase of a property in the form of labor or services rather than cash.
  • A flexible strip on the bottom edge of a door to prevent drafts.
  • A device that completes or disconnects an electrical circuit.
  • The risk of an individual investment. This risk can be reduced through proper diversification.
  • The exposed portion of strip shingles defined by cutouts.
  • A relatively short beam or joist supported in a wall on one end and by a header at the other.
  • 1. The short drainpipe located between a fixture drain and a trap. 2. The inlet tubes on faucets that connect it to water supply lines.
  • The process of making a list of the materials needed for a construction project to calculate how much it will cost to complete it.
  • The process of covering drywall joints with paper tape and joint compound.
  • An assessed value is the dollar value assigned to a property to measure applicable taxes. Assessed valuation determines the value of a residence for tax purposes and takes comparable home sales and inspections into consideration.
  • An account becomes delinquent when the due date for the tax or other liability has passed and the amount due remains unpaid.
  • Money paid to and held by a lender for annual tax payments.
  • The lien that is imposed upon real estate by operation of law that secures the payment of real estate taxes.
  • Public sale of property by a government authority as a result of non-payment of taxes.
  • Funds collected as part of the borrower’s monthly payment and held in escrow for the payment of the borrower’s, or funds paid by the borrower for, state and local property taxes and insurance premiums.
  • The pre-planned demolition of an acquired home or other building for replacement, often when the existing structure is no longer suitable to the location or is beyond repair.
  • Metal straps that are nailed and secure the roof rafters and trusses to the top horizontal wall plate. Sometimes called a hurricane clip.
  • A "T" shaped plumbing fitting.
  • Strengthened. Tempered glass will not shatter nor create shards, but will "pelletize" like an automobile window. Required in tub and shower enclosures and locations, entry door glass and sidelight glass, and in a window when the window sill is less than 16" to the floor.
  • A type of safety glass that is produced through controlled thermal treatment to fortify it and make it approximately four times stronger than standard glass.
  • A situation where the tenant has no lease, yet occupies the property under the owner’s permission. For example, a tenant continues to reside in the property after the lease expiration and the owner proceeds to accept regular rent payments.
  • Real estate conveyed to a married couple vests title in them as one person. Upon the death of either individual, full title passes to the survivor.
  • When two or more people jointly hold a property without holding equal rights.
  • One who holds possession of real estate under a lease or rental agreement.
  • An application that has to be filled out by a potential renter in case of interest for a particular rental property.
  • Any damage occurring during the lease term that isn’t considered as normal wear and tear.
  • The expense to physically improve a rented property, which may include new improvements or remodeling, and may be paid by tenant, landlord, or both.
  • The expense to physically improve a rented property, which may include new improvements or remodeling, and may be paid by tenant, landlord, or both.
  • A process carried out by the landlord or a property management company to verify the background of a potential tenant. The process may include a credit check, interviews, and background check.
  • Real property shared among more than one owner, with each owner possessing a percentage of the property, and can be sold or transferred at any time without the other owner's permission.
  • The length of a loan, often described in months or years.
  • Sheet metal placed where the wood framing members are attached to the concrete foundation used to prevent insects from getting into the wood-framed structure.
  • A shield, usually of galvanized metal, placed in or on a foundation wall or around pipes to prevent the passage of termites.
  • Wood eating insects that superficially resemble ants in size and general appearance, and live in colonies.
  • A ceramic material molded into masonry units.
  • A flooring material composed of quartz, marble, granite, or glass chips that is set in concrete and then polished to produce a smooth surface.
  • A nonprofit trade association that represents the kitchen and bath industry.
  • A nonprofit trade association that represents the kitchen and bath industry.
  • A device which relegates the temperature of a room or building by switching heating or cooling equipment on or off.

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