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We've Hit Our $100 Million in Assets Milestone in Five Years!

Posted on September 20, 2018

For five years, our team has provided investment capital to local real estate investors with consistent shareholder returns - and we are excited to announce the achievement of our initial milestone of $100 million in assets under management in only five years. 

During this brief time, LYNK has funded 347 loan and real estate transactions for over $172 million dollars to builders, contractors and real estate investors and is on pace to fund over $80 million in new loan production for 2018. 

“Our team is excited to provide our borrowers access to investment capital while producing consistent shareholder returns,” stated Ben Lyons, Managing Director for LYNK Capital. “We aren’t just lenders. We are experienced real estate investors and developers like our clients – and understand what’s important in making each project a success.”

Our non-institutional loan business continues to experience strong demand from real estate investors, builders and contractors for small balance renovation and construction loans. This growth and continued demand for our specialty lending has enabled LYNK’s fund to provide above market yields to investors consistently for the past five years.

Our highly-successful and diverse loan products include:

“Five years ago, we set our mission to provide investors and  borrowers more efficient financing solutions for themselves and grow their real estate and construction based businesses,” stated Ben. “I’m proud to say that remains our core driver in every deal we fund.” 

For more information, contact Ben Lyons at 410.258.3903.

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