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Fix Ugly Ceilings with These 5 Cheap and Easy Tips for Fix and Flips | LYNK Capital Hard Money Lenders

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Fix Ugly Ceilings with These 5 Cheap and Easy Tips for Fix and Flips

Posted on June 26, 2018

We all know that a successful and profitable fix and flip project considers all angles, from top to bottom. Don’t overlook what’s overhead, the ceiling. For many homebuyers, ceilings are seen as a major hassle to repair or update (especially if popcorn ceilings are involved). An ugly ceiling can quickly turn off a possible buyer and leave you regretting not addressing that part of the house.

We’ve got tips on how to easily and affordably fix and improve an ugly ceiling. You don’t need to invest a lot of money to hide unattractive drop ceilings or out-dated styles. That’s the key here; you don’t need to remove or replace anything.

Cheap and painless tips for better ceilings in your fix and flip


Wood Planks for Ceilings

You can simply cover up an ugly ceiling with modern and stylish planks and tiles. Solid, wood planks are fantastic but expensive. Fortunately, there are products out there that successfully mimic the look of real wooden planks. Depending on the manufacturer, you can find planks around $4 per square foot.

Wood planks come pre-painted and finished so there’s no need to waste time or money treating the new ceiling.

Beyond the cost and look, wood planks are simple to install on a ceiling. If you’re upgrading from drop ceilings, you can remove the tiles and use clips to attach the wood planks to the existing ceiling grid. If you are upgrading from popcorn, plaster or another type of outdated ceiling treatment you can install the planks on top of the existing ceiling. You don’t need to spend any time tearing anything down.

A lot of wood plank styles also look great on walls.

Fix Ugly Ceilings with These 5 Cheap and Easy Tips for Fix and Flips | LYNK Capital Hard Money Lenders


Metal Ceiling Tiles

Are wood planks not your thing? If so, try out metal ceiling tiles. Just like wood planks, metal ceiling tiles can fit over your existing ceiling treatments without demolishing a thing. There’s a wide variety of finishes and patterns available ranging from understated to bold depending on the aesthetic of your project and trends in the area.

Prices are similar to wood planks. Depending on the supplier, metal tiles start at around $4 per square foot. If you like the metal-look on your ceiling, consider adding metal tiles to your walls. A lot of these tiles look great as backsplashes in kitchens.


Other Ceiling Improvement Options

There are plenty of other options to hide ugly ceilings if you’re not a fan of wood plank or metal tile ceilings. Here are some of our favorites.

Panel and Faux Beam Ceilings

Want the look of exposed beams without making any structural changes? This is perfect for your home rehab project. The right combination of 2x4s and fiberboard can create a beautiful beamed ceiling look, for a cost-effective price tag.

Fix Ugly Ceilings with These 5 Cheap and Easy Tips for Fix and Flips | LYNK Capital Hard Money Lenders

Styrofoam Ceiling Tiles

Styrofoam ceiling tiles fit right in with this affordable theme. These tiles are available in dozens of different colors and patterns. With some adhesive, you can stick these tiles directly on the existing ceiling treatment.


It doesn’t get more simple than just painting the ceiling. Don’t break out your rollers before making sure the ceiling is ready to be painted. It takes some time to fix any rough areas or imperfections, especially if there has been water damage or you’ve removed popcorn ceilings. Once you’re ready, a new paint job can quickly fix an ugly ceiling.

No matter what method you choose to cover up those bad ceilings, address it just like you would the floor, fixtures and front lawn. Don’t leave anything to chance. You’ll thank yourself during closing and inspections.

Let us know if you need any help along the way. Our team has decades of experience flipping homes. We’re happy to help where we can.

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