When picking paint colors for your fix and flip, it can be hard to know which one to choose. A good rule of thumb is to go with options that are neutral, but not boring. We recommend sticking to a palette of white, grey, and blue for the interior of the house. Here are some suggestions for picking the best paint colors for your fix and flip.

Shades of White

Choose shades of white for a clean, modern, and neutral look. This color is best suited for the living room and kitchen, since it will be functional and versatile for future homeowners. White comes in a variety of shades, so your options certainly won’t be limited. A bonus of using white is that it photographs very well - white paint will help your listing photos look exceptional and show off the beautiful updates in your fix and flip.

Fix and Flip Paint tips

Grey Tones

Grey adds warmth to any room. Bedrooms need a little warmth, and a grey paint color can achieve that. We recommend sticking to a light grey in bedrooms. If you pick a shade that is too dark, it can make the room appear smaller. With a light grey paint color in your fix and flip’s bedroom, you get the benefit of warmth without visually reducing the size of the room.

Blue Paint Colors

The color blue has under-appreciated healing qualities. Certain shades of blue have been shown to promote peacefulness and lower blood pressure. Blue is the color of water - the perfect element to be represented in a bathroom. We recommend using a pale blue for the bathrooms in your fix and flip. Pale blue paint colors have light absorbing qualities to help the bathroom look larger.

Something Bold for the Exterior

While the interior of your fix and flip should be neutral, don’t be afraid to try something bold on the exterior. The primary color of your property’s exterior should suit the neighborhood that it’s located in; however, try painting the front door a contrasting color using a shade that’s sure to catch a buyer’s attention. For example, if the exterior of your fix and flip is light blue, try a dark hardwood front door.

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