So far this year we’ve seen these trends popping up in new construction and fix and flip properties. Combined with a more discerning attitude shift from home buyers who want HGTV-ready homes, keeping these trends in mind could ensure that you get the most from your sale.

High Constrast

Buyers are getting bored with all white and monochromatic color schemes. They want something bold. Use contrasting colors throughout the property to achieve a bold look, while staying within a neutral color palette. For example, use dark hardwood floors to contrast white walls, or dark paint accents next to light and bright wall colors. You can also use dark cabinets to contrast light countertops.

Natural Wood Siding

Your property’s curb appeal can probably use a little oomph. Natural wood siding creates a stunning exterior that’s sure to catch a buyer’s attention. For another take, consider adding wood siding to the ceiling of your property’s portico or use it to accent an exterior wall.

Simple Light Fixtures

Great news for budget flippers: you don’t have to spend a lot of money on new light fixtures. Simple and classic light fixtures are preferred over chandeliers. Look for pendant fixtures with a single light to hang above tubs, entryways, and kitchen islands. For bathroom vanities and dining rooms, look for simple fixtures with multiple lights to brighten the space. Gold and black finished light fixtures are very popular right now, and both pair well with stainless steel appliances and other classic chrome fixtures.


A tech savvy home feels upscale. Even for buyers that may not take full advantage of smart home technology, simply having the technology available in their home is alluring. Think of buying a new car; buyers will probably want some of the latest tech such as a backup camera and bluetooth. Cars that don’t have these features aren’t as desirable. The same is becoming true for homes. Some of the most wished for smart home devices are a thermostat, doorbell and controllable lighting.

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