About Us

Our Story

At LYNK Capital, mortgage lending and real estate investing are in our blood. In fact, we have decades of experience in this business, with members of our team having either owned or held senior positions in numerous mortgage companies, banks, and other real estate businesses. We’ve also been property investors ourselves, and understand the importance of receiving fast, knowledgeable service from a lender.

Immediately prior to founding LYNK Capital, our management team operated the mortgage lending division of a mid-sized bank that consistently closed over $1.0b of loans per year. This experience has given us a firm understanding of the needs of our borrowers and investors – and has also shown us how the increasing regulatory burdens placed on banks prevents them from meeting these needs.

We founded LYNK Capital to provide a better experience for real estate investors and developers – one founded on decades of experience in real estate lending and investments.

Our Goals

For Our Borrowers…

  • To provide credit access to property investors and developers who are currently underserved by the traditional banking system.
  • To provide a simple, straightforward approach to underwriting that balances flexibility, timeliness, and quality.
  • To benefit the communities in which we lend by encouraging investments in, and the improvement of, local real estate.

For Our Investors…

  • To provide attractive investment options that combine consistent returns with collateral security.
  • To promote a culture of transparency that instills confidence in our portfolio and procedures.

Our Team

Benjamin Lyons – Fund Manager, Chief Investment Officer

Mr. Lyons is a 30-year veteran of the mortgage banking and real estate industries and has founded, built, and sold several mortgage banking platforms. In his 30-year career, Mr. Lyons has been an initial investor and owner of a commercial bank, a title company, a consumer finance company, a mortgage bank, and has sponsored numerous residential and commercial real estate ventures. Most recently, Mr. Lyons co-founded a company that provided outsourced fulfillment services to banks and a real estate investment venture that focused on commercial real estate.  Mr. Lyons is married with four children and serves on the board of a Leadership school in Maryland.

Matt Brothers, Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Brothers deeply understands the financial and operational aspects of mortgage lending and has served as a senior officer and Vice President of Capital Markets for several multi-billion dollar mortgage lenders.  In these roles, Mr. Brothers gained valuable experience in risk management and lending compliance, and was responsible for negotiating loan sales and managing funding sources.  Mr. Brothers is also skilled at implementing technology-based process improvements and personally designed and developed an enterprise-wide reporting platform for a national mortgage lender. Mr. Brothers is a graduate of Muskingum University and received an MBA from the University of Central Florida.  He also possesses a real estate broker’s license and has owned a brokerage company in the Orlando area.

Alex Fink, Construction & Risk Management

Mr. Fink has significant experience in the real estate finance industry and has founded several companies that have provided financial services directly to consumers or to other financial institutions.  Prior to LYNK, Mr. Fink’s specialty has been in providing consulting services to banks, assisting them with the development and deployment of back-office operations solutions and technology platforms, with an emphasis on creating efficient, profitable, and scalable operations.  Mr. Fink also founded a Virginia-based residential mortgage lender where he built and managed a residential lending platform consistently producing $1 billion in annual loan origination volume. Prior to entering the real estate industry, Mr. Fink was a Vice President and Chief Engineer of Lockheed Martin’s information technology group.  Mr. Fink has also personally purchased, renovated, and resold numerous investment properties throughout Florida.

Jarrod E., Business Development

Jarrod leads LYNK’s account executive/loan origination team and plays a key role in LYNK’s investor relations group. He has over 18 years of experience in real estate financing, private equity, and construction financing/management. Jarrod lives in Charlotte, NC with his wife of 18 years and their 3 children.