Fix & Flip Academy | Part 1 – Intro

Learn to Fix and Flip

At LYNK Capital, we interact with a wide range of property investors at all experience levels – from those bidding on their first fix and flip project to experienced builders who are building several hundred properties per year. We also hear from lots of people who want to build wealth by investing in real estate, but don’t know quite where to start. For this reason, and because we firmly believe that investing in real estate can be a great strategy for individuals to accumulate wealth, we’ve written this series of articles to help investors of all experience levels begin, build, or grow their real estate investing business.

First, a bit about us – at LYNK Capital, we primarily make short-term loans to investors who are looking to either renovate properties for resale (a “fix and flip”) or to small builders looking to build new single-family residences. Other portions of our website provide information about our lending programs (and we hope you’ll use them!), but in this series we’ll discuss the topics that directly impact a real estate investor, from selecting a real estate agent to creating a renovation budget. As real estate investors ourselves, we’ve learned from our successes and mistakes, and hope that we can help you build wealth and find personal success through your real estate investing business.

Now let’s get started…..